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Food and nightlife in New York - two reasons why you live here.  Check out each section for important things like information.  The maps provide a detailed look at the city and the tools and reviews will help you choose where to drink.

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Bar Reviews and Plenty of News

Featured Bar: Lolita’s

Lolita’s is on Allen Street, just south of Delancy.  Hosting regular events with a good atmosphere and a nice space for private parties, they’ve got you covered. They’ve received good reviews everywhere but despite this, it still doesn't get too crowded.

Featured Dive Bar: Sophie’s

There is the typical dive bar, and then there is Sophie’s.  It’s a fair size bar for the area -> pool table and everything.  Pro-Tip: I don’t know why but bike messengers chill out here before the crowd rush.

Featured Lounge: Karma

Good music, comfy seats, danceable area downstairs but most importantly, a hookah bar designation that lets you smoke.  Yes, it is a bar where you can [legally] smoke in New York.  Tada!


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