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Food and nightlife in New York - two reasons why you live here.  Check out each section for important things like information.  The maps provide a detailed look at the city and the tools and reviews will help you choose where to eat.

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Featured Restaurant: 99 Miles to Philly

Philly cheese steaks are the topic of discussion. Theirs will make your impending heart attack well worth the cost of admission.
Pro-Tip: Double-Cheese Whiz.

Other Great Food: Crif Dogs

There is a special place in my heart for the Spicy Redneck. Enjoy some of the best hotdogs in the city without being destroyed by the price. Next time you're having a good night in the East Village, make this your pit stop for food. As long as you don't show up too late, you might be able to squeeze into a seat. If not, make it an eat-on-the-street night.

The Sunburnt Cow

This Aussie place used to serve all-you-can-eat Vegemite sandwiches until the US stopped allowing imports of the stuff. Go for the morning, prepare for a line, and get the unending Mimosas or Bloody Marys.

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