New York Newb

Most imported New Yorkers usually go back to wherever to visit family each year, and most native New Yorkers do their best to escape at least once a year.  Because that’s just the way it goes, here’s your NYC travel tool you can use to get your planning down from flights and hotels to car rentals. 

Pro-Tip: NYC has three major airports:

    JFK: JFK International Airport (technically Queens but think of it as Brooklyn)

    LGA: LaGuardia Airport (Queens)

    EWR: Newark Liberty International Airport (NJ)

Cabs from these airports will run between $20-$60 depending on where you’re going.  JFK has a train connection which is nice, however long it takes to get there.  LGA only has a bus at the moment, but cabs are the cheapest from this airport if you’re not headed too far away.  EWR has the NJ Transit and Path train connection, which makes it convenient as well.  Out of the three we might recommend EWR as it’s a little less crowded and obnoxious than the other two, however; a taxi ride will probably eat your wallet.  Of course, you can always catch a bus, but who rides a bus nowadays anyways?

Outside of the tools below, there is plenty of info, travel packages and promotions on this page for all your travel needs.