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As the 21st Century rolls on, dating has gained a new environment to take place - the internet.  Outside of the nightlife short-term and social group long-term, meeting people online has become more and more commonplace (and less and less creepy).  There are plenty of places on the internets to find someone for the long and/or short-term, here you can find one of those resources so you can finally not be alone.

Happy Couple Met Online
Particularly if you are new to the city, online dating is one of the best ways you can connect with other people and build relationships outside of the bar, office or campus.  When you’re looking into different services, you do want to be slightly frugal since there are a zillion different dating sites out there.

From our perspective, in many ways quantity is quality when it comes to online dating.  For any reasonable dating website, there has to be enough people so that after the weeding-out process is completed, you’re still left with some hits.  You can follow the link above to check out the biggest fish of them all.

Most people that scoff at online dating usually assume most of their chances are going to go horribly wrong.  In all honesty, that’s often the case.  On the other hand, every ridiculous date you go on and every slightly-psycho person you meet is an addition to your growing bookshelf of hilarious stories to tell your friends about... whether you just went out with someone on the opposite side of a political minefield or you found out your date is 15 years and 50 pounds beyond their profile picture, there is something awesome to be said for doing something other than sitting in front of a computer.