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News -> I like to read Gothamist because of their great content, however; they hardly scratch the surface in coverage compared to NY1.  The same goes for Curbed versus the New York Times Metro section.  The New York Newb news page aggregates these sources into one New York focused news page.  It's automated, like Google News, but it's very specific to NYC.  You're much less likely to get the never-ending cable news story of the day(tm) if it isn't pertaining to the city.

Events -> One thing I'm very proud of is the events sections.  I am confident that there is not a single website out there featuring either the wide variety of events, or the sheer quantity of goings-on in the city.  It's really a killer app.  Among the events covered in their own categories are all NYC Parks events, plenty of museum exhibits, all professional sports matches including soccer (soccer more like American Comedy Option am I right?), tons of live music and concerts, nearly all Broadway and Off-Broadway theater in the city, and even comedy.  The cool thing about all this is that you can get tickets to any of the shows or games by following links right from the site.

Guides -> While it is slightly sparse at the moment, the Guides pages will continue growing as I find more things to write about.  It's a nice introduction to the city that can help New York newbies acclimate to the city without looking like a chump or a rube.  From sidewalk etiquette and train riding to getting in on movie premieres and avoiding scams, there is a pretty fair amount of content already up.

Tools -> Tools covers everything a New Yorker might need, from transit directions to flight tickets, hotels and even online shopping.

Below you’ll find text from each of the tool tips on the site, just in case you can’t rollover.


Welcome to New York Newb!  Whenever you see this magical question mark, you can move your mouse over it to get more information about the page.  You will probably never need it, but OMGTECHNOLOGY.


Here are four sections of news focusing on New York.  Scroll through each section and click on any of the articles for the full scoop.  You can also go straight to the source by clicking the source link in each section.


It's nice to see what you can do with your spare time in New York -> here is how.

When you see something interesting, click on it to get more information.  You can find links to some events that have more information, other links will take you to buy tickets when it is appropriate.

Sports is sports; Parks cover everything taking place inside a park in NYC; Museums cover all your cultural institutions; Lectures and Smart Stuff is for your lecturing and reading needs, and Apple events are, well, probably never needed but OMGTECHNOLOGY.


I've been here for almost 15 years and I had no idea there were that many plays and musicals in New York...

When you see something interesting, click on it to get more information.  You can find links to some events that have more information, other links will take you to buy tickets or check out tracks on iTunes.

Music covers live gigs; Theater: Broadway covers all the plays and musicals ever [re]made; Theatre: Off-Broadway will help you find all the stuff not fit for Times Square; and Comedy is really funny.


There are plenty of things to learn about New York before, during and after you've made your move.  Chose between the different topics or try out the grab bag of Pro-Tips for some insight into the workings of New York Civilization.


New York is the city that never sleeps, and nightlife is its sanctuary.  Choose between Restaurants, Bars, Karaoke or Clubs to see some features, tools, maps and reviews.


Search for addresses or stuff like pizza or Chat N Chew or laundry in the search engine on the map page on the lower left.  Pro-Tip: Zooming in on an area you want to target will bring up results more likely to be in that area.

For figuring out the trains, buses and magical taxi price estimates, simply choose New York City on the transit page and enter in the address or venue you're coming from and going to. Follow the steps to get where you need to go - it's incredibly convenient!

The personals page is pretty simple, just follow the link.

See what's playing, what's coming and with the RSS feed, you can keep track of some of the better theaters in the city all from the movies page.  Use the search box to find theaters and movies playing throughout the city.

Learning?  On the schools page, we've got you covered if you're a student.  Check out the drop-down menu to see if your school is listed (if it isn't, you can always ask them to call).  Each school page has a detailed campus map and calendar of events.  Beyond that, our primary and secondary schools page lists all the schools in the city that you might be thinking of sending your kid to.

There are plenty of hospitals listed in the hospitals page.  If you're looking for good service, most facilities in Manhattan are generally not horrifying.  Keep in mind that any trip to the ER will probably include a unique insight into city drug addiction, future police brutality cases and a wide array of bodily fluids.

Shopping for groceries is best when you're picking the heavier elements like tons of soda.  Visit the shopping page to save time and headache by searching when you need to, just make sure the right category is selected for your search.  Everything is here from groceries to clothes, computers, kitchen utensils and furniture.