New York Newb
What is New York Newb?

In the good ole’ days, explorers were men who wondered the oceans, deserts, plains and mountains in search of undiscovered treasurers. They moved from small villages to great cities to search for great opportunities.  They travelled to unfamiliar cities and dove into foreign cultures head-first in an effort to understand their rich new environments.

Now, of course, you can just go online.

New York Newb is here to help guide you through your first steps in New York.  Well, it’s probably good for everyone else too, but we’re here just for you.  Keep up with news, figure out where to eat, when Devin the Dude is playing and probably everything else.  Just trust me, it’s freakin’ awesome.

    News & Events: News, events and upcoming shows worth mentioning

    Restaurants & Nightlife: Searchable list of restaurants, bars and clubs with reviews

    Tools & Resources: Buy tickets to gigs, book your secret girlfriend’s flight to JFK, even order your groceries online.

In some cases, we aggregate the best resources online so you don’t have to.  For our news section, we feature Gothamist, Curbed, NY1 and the New York Times Metro section in RSS snippets for you.  These are great New York resources if you aren’t already aware of them, and their full pages can be accessed through the links in each of their respective sections.

In other cases, we make our own information.  Our events and shows listings are home-grown, spun off of a variety of sources.  Many events have external links for more information, to book tickets or to check out music on iTunes.  Our Guide section is also completely home-spun, coming from the ancient knowledge of the sites creators.  It’s a great way to learn etiquette, tips and tricks to the city.  It’s also a great way to figure out how to do cool stuff like go to a movie premiere.

For other services, we provide interactive access to third parties.  For example, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to build our own interactive map of planet Earth, so we use Google’s.  Our travel, personals, real estate and jobs sections are all drawn from reputable online sources that you already know.  It’s simply more convenient to have them all is one place for you to manage.

Our goal is to take all the hard work out of exploring, so now when some madman starts screaming on the train, you’ll understand why.  Don’t be confused like Christopher Columbus, the Conquistadors or one of those other courageous explorers - be someone who knows what they’re getting into so you can enjoy the experience (and not end up pissing everyone off)!

That said, if you have any questions about the website, comments, queries, thoughts, suggestions, digressions or impressions, feel free to let us know.  We’re always looking to hear your ideas.  Also, if you see something that could be enhanced or if something is missing, get in touch... we’re always responsive as long as you don’t hate the player.